Do I qualify for a free boiler UK? – Grants Gov Registration Checklist

Yes, you can come to the UK from anywhere in Europe without visa as long as you arrive in the EU from the same address as your first visit before 3 September 2018, and then you will qualify for a free EU visa on arrival. See our free EU visa guide for details.

What can I bring with me to the UK?

You will need a valid passport (valid for 12 months from date of original entry) or visa (valid for 12 months from date of date of original entry) to enter the UK. There are restrictions on the type of documents that you can bring. For further details and a list of banned documents see our banned passports guide. For more information on the UK’s visa regulations and our visa guide please see our Visas FAQ and visas guide in our Help section.

What do I have to do to apply for a passport to enter or stay in the UK for one year?

There is an application fee of £15 for a passport (subject to a free application fee being paid by the applicant) or a fee of £22 for a non-refundable non-resident visa (not for entry to the UK)

The application fee must be paid in advance. The application fee is non-refundable if you are refused entry to the UK

If you are approved for a visa, a non-refundable non-resident visa will be issued with your passport (subject to a valid European Passport (in the original format) on arrival) which will include:

the non-refundable passport fee (subject to a UK Visa Service charge fee being paid, subject to a UK Visa Service charge being paid, subject to the UK visa fee of £85 at time of processing)

the cost of a UK Visa service to travel to the UK from the country of origin on arrival

the fee to renew your visa that will be paid by you before leaving Australia

the cost of returning to Australia from the UK following the expiry date of the visa in the original format (12 months from date of original entry); subject to a minimum processing time of one year

the cost of obtaining a free UK visa for your stay

Where can I stay in the UK for 12 months?

There are visa-free periods of 12 months or 16 months for entry to Australia and New Zealand, respectively. See our visa entry requirements pages for more information.

For entry to the UK for one year you must

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