How does grant money work? – Canadian Government Grants And Loans

Grant money is allocated by the government to academic institutes and research facilities. Once a grant is awarded, universities and other research foundations and international research centres pay for the research.

How are grants awarded?

Funding agencies and research partners provide information to universities to make the information public. This information includes specific needs and plans for a person or organisation to conduct a study.

How is information about grants managed?

Information is released to universities and other research centres, including the UK government, in accordance with the research councils and research funding bodies Act 2006.

What are some examples of the types of information universities can release?

This information is released in accordance with:

The Funding Advisory Committee guidelines on the management of academic research;

The Research Councils Policy on Access to Information by the research community (2004);

The Royal Society policy on public access to information.

The information is also released in accordance with various other guidelines;

The Access to Information Act 1986 and the Data Disclosure Regulations. Further details on the access to information legislation and the Data Access Regulations can be found on the research councils (

Research funds also need data for financial performance management.

Information about how to apply for funding can be found on the Universities Scotland website.

What can I do?

Contact your university to find out if your research will be funded as part of the UK government’s research programmes.

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