What is a CIF grant? – Free Grant Applications For Individuals

According to the USDA, these are grants awarded not based on the amount of money but on the ability to address a specific issue.

How can you become eligible?

To be eligible for the CIF grant, applicants must agree to apply in their state of residence, and must have some education or work experience in an area of industry where the work may pay an appropriate salary at the time. Candidates must also meet the employment eligibility criteria.

CIF’s offer programs run from two stages and applicants must apply for all stages.

Stage 1 – Application to begin the program

Submission of completed application forms will be completed by the regional director to the appropriate regional office. Stage 2 – Selection of a location and start date, which may or may not be in the state of residence of the applicant

In determining which regional offices are eligible to receive CIF grants, the application process takes place through a competitive and fast-track process that can take from five to seven months.

“To make sure that we are properly meeting our program’s goals, we rely on a skilled workforce to serve the rural communities served by CIF. We will work with those communities to ensure that the local and district partners have what it takes to compete for the right grants to support our rural jobs program,” said Mark Smith, Director, USDA Rural Development.

The awardees are eligible to apply for one grant for every two to five jobs. Rural Development will fund any applications received within 90 days of the close of the award.

How many positions are available?

The average annual amount of full-time work at the CIF Grant Program during the period of availability is about $50,000 per year, and the average amount of monthly work per job averages about $18,000 to 20,000.

“We look for places where there are lots of jobs, or we get a good supply of jobs, to see if we can help expand the number of work forces we can support to help with growing the workforce in the communities we serve,” said Tom Lacey, Assistant Statewide Agriculture Coordinator, USDA/CIF.

“Our job is to make sure rural America has the training and the experience to prepare themselves for opportunities that will enable them to be more competitive,” he added.

The total number of positions eligible for CIF grants is capped at 8,000 per year. For a rural job applicant, if they submit applications within the time period, they will be

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