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You may also have to apply for something called a service grant because the amount you receive is paid directly from the Government, not out of the Government’s general revenue. You can also call your local councils or help a family member in this way.

Are there different groups that can get help? There is a range of different types of help depending on what you need. You can find out about who can get assistance from the local council in this guide.

Where can I get help getting help? Many local councils offer help to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This includes: Help to Buy

Help to find somewhere to stay if you live in accommodation that is run by an organisation such as Housing First

Support for people with care and support needs

People with learning and language difficulties

Referrals and advice from local services

Housing and Local Authority Directives

Help to pay your rent

Help with utility bills

Housing related courses

Help with travel

If you live in accommodation for rent, the local council might allow other providers to rent your accommodation so you can stay longer.

Find out more about what help a local council can offer. You can find out how the Government funds support schemes in this guide.

What can a council say? A local council can only support some types of help, either directly or indirectly. For example, the Council’s Housing Advice Service (HAS) can help families get on the housing ladder. They can also support people with caring responsibilities. They can be contacted freely by anyone who needs help or who can provide assistance. However, they must not: encourage a person to stay in a council-run accommodation;

discriminate between types of help. For example, a Housing Advice Service may provide help and support depending on which council is dealing with a request.

Where can I get advice on housing and social housing? A wide range of specialist advice is available – from how to pay your rent and how long you should stay on it, there is advice on how and where to have an independent claim for support and how to get help if you are receiving social support. You can find help and support from the local council in this guide.

When can I get my benefits reduced? You can take your benefit or housing benefit with you if you leave to go and live with another family member, a friend or a carer. This is called self-rehabilitation. Most services will

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