Are racing horses cruel? – Horse Racing Results Nov 2 2019

The idea that a horse can turn down a single lap without effort or pain or suffering is simply ludicrous. I don’t believe that, period. The fact that a horse can stop a lap is absolutely incredible on its own. But the next time someone tells me that they want a racing horse to go as fast as possible, I’m not going to tell them to just watch the horse go. I’m going to push them to see how much they really need to see for themselves in order to understand the magnitude of this ability.

The idea that horses could turn down a single lap without anything happening is simply ludicrous.

And when I tell them about a horse’s ability to stop a lap so quickly, they usually say things like, “That could’ve been an awesome time!” It’s time to put my foot down on that. It wasn’t an awesome time for any horse. It wasn’t an awesome time for the people involved in the race. It wasn’t an awesome time for anyone — even in the horse’s home country of Romania, where it was on display all weekend for the entire country. And it is a pretty sad reminder that when even the most spectacular horse fails to live up to expectations in the short time that they’re seen, the chances of making a lot more money and keeping a lot more clients by simply “fucking around” with a racing career seem pretty bleak. Not to mention that even if the horse just stopped in time and didn’t die, we’d only just gotten to this point and even if it had, how many riders — including myself — would get a shot at racing horse again in the foreseeable future? Would they keep having second thoughts. Would they be willing to give up any of their other options to make this happen? What if their own family members needed them? Would they be willing to give up just a few races, even if the rest of their lives and careers would be over?

The idea that a horse could stop a lap is absolutely ridiculous.

I’d rather watch a horse suffer than take that sort of risk. Maybe it’s a bit unfair to put a lot of stock in what happens a lot over in the pit, because at the end of the day, you’re not going to see a horse suffer if they’re in a good position to.

Even if I had the ability to see it, I’d still prefer the horse not make that effort. It’s the same reason that I can’t wait to watch a show like The Bachel

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