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No. When did this animal show up on the scene, in the mid 1800s, and do they know how to ride? No.

“All of our horses had to learn how to walk and start learning in the springtime,” said L.V. Buhle, a professor at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. “Our horses came in around April and May as they went through the horse training program, and by November they’d be ready to ride.”

The trainers would bring in a horse with proper riding gear, a coat, harness, shoes, food and water, and then saddle it and give it its first lesson.

“Once the horse’s trained and ready to go, we’d put it on a stable and then get it to work,” Buhle said. “We’d give them what they’d need for each step, and if they needed to eat, we’d give them a pellet or chewable fiber meal. If they were really hungry, we’d feed them something like a raw hamburger or meatloaf, or any food that the horse wouldn’t eat or wouldn’t eat without any added additives.”

So why do some horses have a more difficult time learning how to run than others? There have been a number of theories, but none have been proven. While there is little scientific support for any of them, it has been speculated that not all of the genes that contribute to a horse’s ability to run make it into that horse’s DNA before birth. If all of those genes are missing, perhaps a horse’s learning difficulties are the result of not being able to build and maintain a certain gene in its genome.
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“One of the theories that has been proposed is that all of our horses have not been built for this,” Buhle said. “They may have had something in there that made their learning difficulties more severe when they were little, and that maybe made them less able to do it properly. And that was probably one of the reasons why we couldn’t find them in the wild as far as breeding.”

According to one theory, horses that have never before been on a stable of humans learn to jump a much more difficult hurdle than those that have been previously trained on that same stable.

“If it’s your first experience in a new environment and you come in with your natural instinct, you can get the hang of it,” Buhle said. “When you’re a young horse, you haven’t had another

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