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An estimated 600,000 horses are killed each year. While statistics would be difficult to come by because there simply aren’t many horses that die for the entertainment or racing circuit, many media reports of horse deaths are inaccurate because the number of horses killed for entertainment is underestimated. The number of people that are involved in the horse racing industry is estimated at between 10,000 and 30,000. The main purpose of race horse racing is entertainment, which means that race horses don’t do very well long term – they spend long hours in stalls, often being kept in hot rooms. While these horses aren’t very aggressive, if the owner doesn’t want to train the horse or the race day goes bad, they may become aggressive. In most cases, this kind of behavior is not considered race-related, instead it is labeled a disease. The same problem occurs if the horse is left out in the open in the field or field house for any length of time without being supervised. A study carried out by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission estimated the horse mortality rate at one horse for every ten days of racing. To put that into perspective, the average person on the street spends approximately three hours per week outside. While this may sound like a fairly small number, imagine that this is your average day. On an average day, you leave your house at 5:30am. You will likely spend ten minutes in the park before reaching your car or waiting for a bus. If you go to your car at 6:45am, it might be the first time you have driven home that day. You still may be out late into the evening, which could increase your chance of an accident. On the flipside, the average person spends three hours a day in the office or in school. Your average person gets at least one hour of sleep every night during that time. So if you’ve spent about three hours in front of the TV at 2:30am and another one at 10:30am, your chances of dying by accident in your lifetime are close to one in five. So, if they all live and die by the same rules and if the most popular racing breeds are the same sizes, it is likely that there is not much to worry about. Even though horse racing is a popular source of entertainment, it is not without some risks. While a majority of horses end up with at least some kind of injury or death, there are people that are intentionally choosing to cause these events. In fact, there have been multiple fatalities because of race-

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