What race do I put if I’m Mexican?

-The only race you can select during the initial “My Player” screen is Red and Yellow. It will give you 10/20/30/40 bonus points for your total. Do not select Black or Red if you are Hispanic, or you will get zero.

-If you are not from Mexico, select Black or Red if the race of your character is Hispanic.

My game crashes!

-If this happens, please ensure that all required drivers are installed. (If you have installed the wrong drivers, try reinstalling drivers.)

My game crash!

-You may have an issue with your graphics card (it’s better to do this while you are online. This may be because you are not on a wired connection). Try restarting the computer. Do not use Windows 7 or 8! Try a different computer or reinstall from Steam or Origin (if needed). If this does not work, please contact Steam Support. If you are still having problems, please contact Eran Kemeny.

Is this the game you purchased?

– Please note that we will not accept payment for games purchased in the future.

How do I find my game account information?

– You can find your game account in the “Game” section of the Steam store page. You can choose to create a new Steam account if you wish.

How do I play online? Can I play on both Steam and Origin?

Please refer to the online instructions below for instructions on setting up the Origin and Steam accounts

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Is there a way to tell if I am online in multiplayer?

You can also set your Origin and Steam account to “Always Online”. If this option is enabled, when you play your game, it will remain online and your game will not have this option disabled.

How do I set a custom game difficulty?

To set a difficulty please visit our “How To” page. Please note this is a very old version of Steam. Steam will have the same settings for multiplayer and single player that are in-game, but the online experience may vary by game.

How do I create a new character? How do I change the default race?

– Select a race from the menu under your “Character” window.

– Select “Change Race” from the drop down.

– To change a race, click the plus sign next to the race name.

– If your first