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As a long-time reader of this subreddit, I wanted to vote in this poll to see which tipster I think is one of the best at horse racing in the United States. Obviously there are multiple great ones who have worked on the site for a long time (which is why we have such an experienced team at /r/mildlyinteresting), but I want to focus on the guys I believe could stand out to a wider audience. In the end, I am voting for /u/frazierwhitby_ on

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Dirty tricks are a part of every campaign, and not a minor one either. Many campaigns find themselves fighting not only the government agencies tasked with safeguarding their interests, but the press or media as well. Dirty tricks can be anything from using fake ads on websites to flooding a news outlet with fake stories. In the video above, we take a look at a campaign that went way beyond the normal use of fake ads to try and embarrass an opponent.

At some point or another, we’ve all run into fake Facebook ads and “man in the street” tactics that have gotten out of hand. These types of tactics are so common that they make one wonder where they come from and whether there is really much to worry about. In this video from 2013, we look at a campaign, known as “The Great Red Dragon” where the company behind it was involved in a smear campaign against several politicians and journalists and targeted them with emails and telephone calls in an online “campaign to shame and intimidate them to back down.”

Kentucky Derby Pedigree Corner: Game Winner, Maximum ...
How did the fake ads get out? Who were the targets? How old were they? In this two-part video, we look in depth at the campaign — using footage from several television interviews and a YouTube video — and find out if this campaign is any longer around. As we show in part two, the whole thing was just a ploy for more money, which is exactly what it appeared to be. The real goal being to get politicians to back down and not do the same to the companies that were trying to discredit them.

The problem with fake Facebook ads this year

Despite the great success of these campaigns in

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