Can I shoot video with a DSLR?

The answer is yes. If you have an existing tripod head, it will work just fine with an existing tripod and the only thing that will need to be upgraded is the head (you can use regular tripod head) to make sure the camera is steady. Another benefit of using an existing tripod head is that the head can be easily replaced if needed. You can add the new head and the body back together with a couple minutes of welding. A few of the new head mounts that have been tested have been found to be completely solid to use during shooting. A tripod head like a Hitec is not suitable for outdoor shooting or when using high sensitivity or autofocus mode since it will interfere with the camera. Other than that, a number of different types of head mounts have been developed. There are two basic types:

A head mounted tripod system with a detachable head is the best option because it does not interfere with the camera.

Shooting a handheld video camera is possible with a tripod head. This head mount is commonly used in commercial work because it is a bit more compact and easier to handle than a similar head with a ball head. The downside is that a tripod head is more expensive than a tripod head for video cameras. In addition, the head mount tends to get heavier with use. A high sensitivity mode may not work well without the extra weight.

One of the most common problems in the market is with the head’s weight. Since the camera mounts are made with a strong plastic base, you can see they are not meant to withstand the weight of the head. Sometimes even when this type of head mount is used with a camera it just gets stuck or does not stay in place. A tripod should be used just for the video and not for a handheld shooting.

Should I buy a tripod head for my DSLR?

If you have a tripod head with a ball head and are using the same camera setup as discussed above, then the camera will be fine. You could also use a head with a ball head or a head with no ball.

It is best to use the camera with the head mounted and use the camera with the ball head or tripod head on an empty backseat. The ball heads are more stable and the head can hold its weight. On an empty backseat, a head with ball will be more stable and more likely to stay in place. Because of their size and weight, the heads are not useful for video.

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