How can I be a YouTuber? – How To Film Yourself Walking

Just follow these 3 simple steps.

You’re on a platform that is able to use the data you create: YouTube, Twitch, Twitchy, etc. You’ve built a channel, and you can see stats on your channel’s views, likes, subscribers, etc. Your channels are all public and you want to add some nice pictures or videos to accompany your channel’s information.

What do I need for each platform?

YouTube & Twitch (Recommended)
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Most channels that you create are currently public on YouTube. You have the option to create an account or choose to hide your channel from public view. If you choose to hide your channel, you will also receive a message that your video was reported and that you will not be able to upload new media. However, please note that if you hide your channel from public view, you may be able to create a unique channel name for your channel or create an account on Twitch. There is also the possibility for you to upload new images and a unique logo for your channel after you are a YouTuber.

There will not be anything automatically added to your video. Please make sure that all of your videos are uploaded and tagged. We recommend using your own name.

T-Shirts or other Merch!

If you want to give some of your fans a little extra motivation to sign up for your channel, please consider placing some T-Shirts on your channel’s page. Your fans will be able to see your shirts or shirts worn in your video, which helps them purchase a T-shirt that matches their favorite theme of your page. We understand that your fans want to see their favorite videos and they like to be able to support you in your chosen career area, so this is something we’re open to adding support for. If you think this is something you would like to add to your videos, feel free to share all of the information you have about the topic, so we can add it as a way for you to promote your channel.


Most of the videos you are receiving is received from your own channels. This can be very nice to have but it means that you’ll be seeing a lot of your own videos and your viewers may view your videos and see you as well. This is why we want to ensure that your viewers can see you and your channel for as long as possible by having your video as short as possible to support your videos and your videos’ ability to show what your fans like and dislike

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