How much does a 3 minute video cost?

You should be able to get 1GB from your account. However it is not mandatory to buy 3 minutes.

A bit hard but if you know what you’re doing you can get 2-5 minutes of video from one credit card.

On a late afternoon in mid-July, I met with two attorneys, John H. Taylor and Jeffrey L. Brown, to speak with them about their client, the so-called American Family Radio host Janet Porter.


A few months earlier, Porter gave a talk about the “Godly Woman” controversy at which she called a woman convicted of killing her three children and leaving their bodies in a freezer and a freezer at home “the most kind and gracious, gentle woman I ever knew.” She called the woman responsible for the deaths, Jennifer Morillon, “a loving woman” who “grew up in a loving household.”

Taylor and Brown, both of whom are longtime conservatives who worked to remove homosexuals from public office, had heard that Porter had spoken in favor of gay marriage and was a staunch friend to gay Americans. They decided what to do.

The day after our meeting, the two men came to my house to meet with Porter’s family. “We don’t want you back in my home,” Brown said.

This was a surprising decision, even to me. I knew that the family had told Taylor and Brown to talk to Porter’s children personally about what she’d said. “We want to know if you think that maybe you should just step aside,” a friend asked Taylor and Brown. Taylor and Brown said they didn’t think that this issue was “worth a second look and maybe that’s not a good idea.” But they went ahead anyway.


The next day, at least a dozen people called to tell me that a lesbian activist, Kathy Griffin, had taken Porter’s picture of her holding her daughter and holding a sign that said “Faggot,” and that she was upset with Porter for putting her daughter’s image before the families of the victims.

“As you may or may not know, Ms. Janet Porter is a very powerful person right now,” one caller told me. “She has more power and influence than most people in this country. She is a powerful person. When she says something, you don’t have to disagree with it or disagree with her beliefs. This is not your fault. She did what she said. She just wanted to make a joke.”