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Most people find they won’t need to spend much money for a ring light, but for more experienced people, it can cost more than a decent LED. In fact, the best quality LED rings lights often cost five times what the LEDs they replace cost!

So what do you get for money when choosing a replacement for your incandescent light? Many people don’t realise that the lights they buy can also go on to be used by candles. They are designed to be used in the same way as a gas or electric light – as a source of heat.

Many people don’t realise that candles (but not incandescents) contain mercury – a dangerous substance – even though many people have only ever known mercury in a small amount in their drinks. It is very dangerous to consume too much mercury as it will harm your health in numerous ways, including neurological damage, immune system suppression, kidney damage, damage to the kidneys, and heart disease – even heart failure.

Mercury is used in the manufacture of some types of gas and electric light. The mercury in incandescent light is mainly used in the process of manufacturing the light source. This mercury is removed from the light bulb, so the bulb can be re-used later. To make more mercury, the mercury in the gas and electric light is also removed, leaving behind only an ingredient which is used in the manufacturing of the light bulb.

Because the gas and electric lights contain mercury – even after the production process is complete – some people claim they don’t know that the gas and electric lights contain mercury at all.

However manufacturers who supply these products should be aware of the dangers of mercury poisoning. They should be asking for an ‘I’m not getting the mercury’ certificate before selling them, and they should make sure to have an in-country service department who can provide a detailed service check to ensure the light is safe.

Many people claim that replacing their old incandescent light with a good quality solid state incandescent light will cost them too much money. Not true. Even though the cost of a solid state LED is around 10 times less than typical incandescent light, for an upgrade your incandescent light will cost a significant amount less.
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Replacing an incandescent light with a replacement LED light will save you an hour of your days.

Most people who use an incandescent light or a lamp replacement for an hour a week are not getting any benefit –

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