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If you are familiar with GoPro videos, you know that there are really a few things going on here, but perhaps only one or two of them. There is not one major difference between taking a GoPro video and making a music video. However, this post will help you understand why.

Why go professional with GoPro?

The main reason for GoPro is to use it for recording and sharing music videos. For example, you can have a music video on your desktop but if you try to upload that video for uploading to a music streaming site, the process might take a while since uploading is one of the main steps in this process. And most music streaming sites have a limit of 20 minutes to upload a video. You can try your best to work around that limit for a short period of time but that is really not enough and so you will get rejected by the site eventually. The whole point is to get as many people as possible to listen and watch your music videos.

Here is a simple example to help you get a better understanding. Say you wanted to have one of your live concert on YouTube and you also want to share that you are at that concert with your friends, family, followers and everyone else that follows your profile on Facebook. If you don’t know how, check out this video:

Now go to your website/streaming site and enter the name of your concert. You will see that it is limited to 20 minutes for uploading. So, you can’t upload a 24 minute long video on YouTube for example.

And you don’t want to upload a 24 minute long video that contains lots of shots. So, what can be done? If you have any idea about what to capture and what to avoid, please let me know!

GoPro Video Tips to Get Started

Here are a few tips that will help you take videos at a professional pace while saving you a lot of unnecessary computer time.

Use a professional camera and tripod that are easy to use and are lightweight

You can always buy one with different settings depending on how much use you are going to have of the camera and then just adapt it depending on what conditions you are at. This will speed up the process of taking the video in case you need to capture a lot of shots.

If you don’t want to use GoPro cameras, check out these other affordable cameras to buy

Tracking shot - Wikipedia
Use a tripod that is easy to set up and that will help you save yourself a lot of time

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