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#9. One Nation Under A Groove

In the aftermath of the ’80s the scene was at the height of its popularity. The New York sound became the blueprint for the next decade – the likes of The Neptunes and Fatboy Slim began to showcase the talents of producers who’d previously only recorded for the ’50s rock bands – and it was a sound that’s largely remained around since.


#8. Don’t Mess With The Zones

Don’t mess with the Zones is an Australian production duo, who formed in the ’90s but released their debut EP – and a series of live albums – in 1997. As a combination of hip hop and pop – with samples and dancehall beats – they have influenced many others, such as the Beastie Boys.


#7. Saves The Day

If you want to see the dawn of 80s nostalgia, there’s only one thing to do: watch one of their live shows! As their name implies, they’re a group of people who are all about getting into sync as they take the stage. It’s hard not to catch themselves smiling as they sway from left to right while singing their favourite songs.


#6. We’re All In This Together

The ’80s were a decade with a lot of good music and not a lot of bad music. The ’80s were the decade of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and a host of other greats – and so it was only right that their own band were given the top spot. Their first album, We’re all In This Together, helped their early success – but it’s their follow-up album that solidified their reputation. Released in 1987, it remains their most ambitious album overall – and with a wealth of hits including ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ and ‘I’m Not Sued’.


#5. The Beach Boys

It’s not easy being the most successful and successful band of all time (after all, the Rolling Stones are the undisputed king) but it’s a pretty fair achievement – and when you hear the new Beach Boys album The Boys Are Back In Town, which you can download for free, you must do everything in your powers to see it as the highlight of their career.


#4. The Stone Roses

The Stones’ last album –

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