What kind of camera is used to shoot music videos? – Blue Shooting

I usually have a 4X9 camera on my phone that has an optical zoom function as well as two film filters: one for a zoom in and one for a zoom out, one lens is at a maximum of f/3.2 to give me a nice wide field. If I need a long exposure, I’ll usually use that 4X9 and that’s it. But I’ll have a small flash for lighting things up.

I have a Nikon D800, Nikon D5500 with a 500mm lens, and Nikon D850, both have very wide open aperture lenses.

What’s your camera setup?

I have two cameras, one is fixed focus, the other one is variable focus. My camera, Nikon D800 + f2.8 Nikon D5500, I’m shooting RAW and that should give me the same amount of usable data.

Which film do you use?

All my films are Fuji Pro-100, I don’t do crop films, just normal stuff. I also use black and white, color, and the Polaroid 50 cameras I used when I was younger, but only in conjunction with the new film I bought this month, I never use this because it is too noisy, the noise makes everything seem fake and not real. The only black and white that I shoot are with Kodak Portra-100 and Kodak Portra-100X. It’s pretty good.

How long do you shoot a music video?

I shoot for about two to three hours at a time, I usually get four to five hours, but I do sometimes have to let my phone down. I might shoot an hour of sound in one video, sometimes two, sometimes it’s a lot longer. We have these two guys in the crew, we work together a lot, they are real actors and that’s something to take a shot at.

I’ve worked with one and two of these guys since I was a teenager. I never tried to get involved with them until recently.

And the guy from the song?

This guy plays a piano. So I asked him to play me a song for the movie and what I was looking for was a really nice melody that had a lot of emotion. I don’t know if you’ve played a piano yet or never played one, but the one thing all musicians know, is a good melody and an emotional melody go together together. And this guy is a good composer and he made

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