Can I make money from my pictures?

Yes. We are in the business of selling pictures so if you feel like you may have some new pictures that could be better than your current one, please send us your ideas. We can also do special pricing for new images but we don’t charge a premium.

Do you have a ‘personal style’?

Our photos are always fun and quirky, and are a bit random. However, we also like to dress up our photos with glamour shots, but we don’t do the reverse.

Do you do professional shoots?

We do not do ‘professional’ jobs. We would love to shoot for major magazines, but there are not many good ones available in Australia. The only thing we tend to do are photos for our clients on occasion.

Do you use a Canon camera?

No, but we’ve worked with some good ones. However, we would really like to work with Nikon cameras so please contact us or reach out to us.

Do you offer print/film?

We only do photo prints, or film/video, for certain clients. But no, we don’t sell prints or film to people who do not want to get paid, so stop calling us because you can’t find any here.

Please remember, you don’t need a licence, it is fine.

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How do I get my photos to Australia?

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us. We have a lot of work for you in Australia and need your work.

How do I upload my Australian submissions/works?

Please visit our upload page and submit your pics to us at:

The federal government’s recent acquisition of a fleet of surveillance planes from a Czech company has raised concerns among some US privacy groups.

But they were quickly swamped by public outrage at the decision after the National Security Agency’s involvement.

“We call on the Czech government not to acquire this type of equipment to monitor the Czech people without proper safeguards,” said David Segal of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“In our view, the NSA needs to have oversight of the acquisition of this type of equipment, and that involves having privacy guidelines.”

It looks like the Czech intelligence agency bought the spy plane for another purpose…