Should I use watermarks on my photos?

No. Please consider using the Watermark for your photos on the photo page, when linking from your blog. Here are a few examples from this blog:

Here is my blog’s Watermark on a post:

This is how I want my Watermark on a post to look:

The same is true for my other photo pages. For example, here is my Watermark/Image Credit page:

I love using Watermarks and I see them as an extremely powerful method for promoting your blog. There are multiple uses for Watermarks beyond just promoting your blog! For example, if your photo page has lots of comments, you can add your comments to the Watermark and make them look like you were in the comments of the post. It’s a great way to engage your readers.

Can I include watermarks on images on my blog?

No. You must include watermarks when linking to your blog for your readers to see what you did (i.e. your Watermark for your blog on the watermark page). You can do this via the link you just added. I encourage you to link to your blog using a standard WordPress URL.

I’ve been asked to make a watermark on a photo I posted on my blog. How do I do it?

In most cases this isn’t necessary. But please be aware that, for copyright reasons, we can’t use Water Molds to make watermarks.

Can you create a Watermark for my images?

Yes! You may create new watermarks at any time to use on your images. Click here to see how to create watermarks with WordPress. Please note, using Watermarks will require you to renew your Watermark and you will then need to wait up to three weeks for your watermarks to expire.

How long can I use a Watermark for?

Once you have created and applied a Watermark to your image, it will stay a Watermark up to 30 days. There is no expiration date or expiration reminder. Please remember you can link back to the Watermark on your photos page to view the date the watermark was last viewed.

Am I allowed to use Watermarks on my blog images?

We do not allow you to use Watermarks (or any other image files) on any part of your blog. We would also prefer that you don’t include images of other sites online. We recommend including watermarks only on your blog’s