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Creative retouching, also known as retouching, does not remove areas of a photograph simply for the sake of retouching. Rather, the process of retouching takes a photo and removes the areas most distracting from the picture. For example, when a bride was being selected for a photo shoot, she was selected for being a beautiful woman and not someone who would embarrass others. This retouching was to be done for her body, not the face of the photographer.

How often is this done? Well, not all that often, but it is definitely done. For example, once a year.

Why is it done? The purpose of creative retouching is to change the image to become more “mature,” to remove wrinkles on a figure, or remove blemishes, which can happen on a person who has been through extreme physical pain. This is not done if the person is a child.

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How long is it done? If the image is taken within the last few years, most often around 2-4 hours per picture. The retouching is done in light or indirect lighting, and the retouching can be done one picture at a time, or the image can be finished and then retouched until it is perfect.

Why are retouched photos not always available to the public? You can ask a photographer, but the answer to this is very subjective. It depends on who in that photographer’s studio you are talking to. Some people might not accept retouched photos if they know who retouches the images. You can also ask a photographer to be more specific about the details to be retouched, like skin color or color of eyelashes, for example.

Is it an illegal thing to do? No. While the practice is not illegal, it can be an unfair practice. Creative retouching does not have to take place on celebrities. You can retouch yourself on a photo, or if you want to be more artistic, then you can use Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to apply creative retouching to the photos.

What is considered a “good” image? A photo that you like. The more you look at a photo, the more you will like it. Also, you can see the changes that you could see that you not be able to see the original image.

How effective is creative retouching? As long as the image looks good, many people will accept retouched photos even if they have a negative

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