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In terms of the industry it might be thought that any person who wishes to get their photographs up to snuff is a bit of a risk: after all, Photoshop is a hugely powerful tool allowing the user to change the look of an image or even just change the font or colour of a document…But in fact, that’s not the case all that often. Creative retouching is the act of retouching with different means, or different styles, to achieve a particular effect. If a painting appears too dark, for example, then a different technique has to be used to give the image a more light-balanced look. These techniques can be applied either to the whole picture or the details of a picture, meaning that if your retouching was done with a different style or an entirely different palette, the effect could be quite different.

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Let’s see how you can apply creative retouching to your photographs:

Step 1: First off, before you start your creative retouching, you need to decide exactly what you want to change and why, so follow the step-by-step guides below to get to your goal:

Step 2: To use some Photoshop features, you’ll need your favourite image editor like the free Photoshop Suite, because you can change parts or all of the details of an image. We’ll use the free version, Photoshop CS5 (for Mac and Windows) or CC. You do have to pay for the license, so this is not a cheap option. Just remember though – you don’t need a great deal of software to do creative retouching, and you may want some editing software to do it too.

Step 3: Once your picture has been retouched, upload the image to your favourite image editing software and hit ‘Finish’. Here’s the result, ready for action:

How to Do Creative Retouching at Work

Now that you are a little familiar with Photoshop editing, you can use these guidelines to make your work even more effective. You will notice though, that there are a lot of different techniques that can be used. The point of this is that your retouch may look different, but the overall result is going to be the same for all you need to do. So, let’s look at some examples of different creative retouching techniques:

Bokeh Shading: To give a little more depth to the shadows, and to make the picture look closer to the original, sometimes it is suggested to use one

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