What is photo editor app? – How To Make Money Online From Youtube Without Making Videos Bangla

In photo editor app, you can easily add a new photo, rotate or crop an existing image, edit/crop and rotate a photo, and share your new photo or edit/crop another one of your images.

Photo editor was developed by Google to make the process of editing photos even easier and easier. Here is some of the features of Photo editor:

Easy editing

Use all your creative skills at once

Drag and rotate the photo into place

Add shadows, highlights, and tint

Add the photo into your library and make it public

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Adjust the opacity of the lens and image

Share the photo with your friends or family with a link to the editing

Easy share

Make the photo you want to share public or edit/crop (you can add text, icons)

Open your editing options in another app

Open your editing options in another app Share your photo with your contacts

Share your photo with your contacts Edit/crop another image with the editing tools

Edit/crop another image with the editing tools Save your photo

Share the photo

Make sure you have a Google Account, Google Chrome, and the Google Photos extension enabled before you install Photo editor. If you’re going to use photo editor on Android, make sure you do not use a third party app (such as Image editor app). Photo editor is available only on Android.

For more information, see our Google Play Store or the documentation.

How to buy Photo/Gallery editor on Android in Amazon Appstore?


Installing photo editor is possible in Google Play by installing gallery app. Google Photos application is an Android app that enables you to view and manage the photo library from other apps as well.

It comes with a free 30-day trial offer for your first album. After the trial, your purchase is fully supported. You can renew your license in your Google Account. You can also buy full licence of photo editor and pay for it at the same time.

Installation instructions for installing gallery app can be found at:

If you’re in Amazon Appstore. Click here for the download link and the installation instructions.

Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)

Installing photo editor on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 is possible through a download from the link below. After the download there is a short download that will install the following components to your system.

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