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You can use stock photos from Shutterstock, Google, and Picasa. Just take a few seconds to search through the website, and check the image descriptions on where the image was found.

Can I use stock photos for my logo? Unfortunately no. A logo and its accompanying imagery can not be copied, distributed or otherwise used commercially. Please see our FAQ for further clarification.

Can I use stock photos for a product that isn’t called “stock” or “photo” — in fact, they’re probably more like images? Yes. These images can be licensed for commercial use on your website or printed on a business card for sales.

Can I use photographs or illustrations from my personal photography collection? Unfortunately no. Although our website makes the attempt to capture and reuse photographs from your collection, we can’t legally license your photographs to commercial use. We do have limited artistic license and can use your artwork on the site for educational purposes, and in a commercial manner. See an example of our use of photos from our collection below:

Why aren’t my photos in stock, or better yet, available for purchase? Sometimes it makes sense to license images with certain restrictions. These restrictions may apply to:

the design of the original photo

location and/or time of the original photo

design and/or style of the photographer

the image itself, including artistic licence

how long the photograph has been captured

how long the image has been in the image

that someone has been using it in a way that may potentially infringe your intellectual property rights.

Can I still use photos from my personal collection for educational/product use? No. Under EU law, photos from private collections that were taken and stored in non-commercial settings such as the house are not covered by EU-wide copyright legislation, unless you give explicit permission and you can show the photo has been used for education or business purposes. For more details on the use rights of photographs from your collection, see our FAQ page.

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Can I still use photos of the beach from my vacation/photo shoot and make money with it? Unfortunately not! While we recognize your desire to profit from the images used, the copyright laws prevent us from offering you any licensing of photos that might otherwise be legally available. Because these are copyrighted photos we cannot offer your use under these circumstances. This means when you upload your shots to SharethePixel or another social app you’ll need to request your own license first.

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