How do you plant saffron seeds?

Saffron will grow in the soil, but the best is in pots. You could plant saffron in a shallow container by itself in a sunny position, and then cover it and let the saffron grow. Don’t overstuff saffron, with roots in the ground or in plastic tubs; you need to cover it and the roots will die, or the leaves will wilt. If you put saffron in the ground, put some of the stems in the ground too. You don’t have to cover every part of the plants; if you don’t want to, leave the saffron small enough that you don’t have to plant in the ground.

How do you remove the outer leaves from the leaves above the seed?

When the saffron has all grown to about a third of the way through its lifespan and it is ready to be harvested, cut away the outer leaves, and harvest. You can remove some of them after removing the leaf buds. Once the saffron is cut, plant it in a spot which dries out quickly and that is not in close contact with water. If you have soil problems, the leaves will rot quickly in the shade. However, when growing saffron, you want to choose a very dry area so that the leaves do not rot.

How do you keep a healthy saffron plant in a cold climate or a hot climate?

Saffron is much more resistant to frost than many other herbs, and it will even stay alive a bit in the cold. When you cut the saffron, don’t chop it too short, because you will cut off all the leaves and all the stems. Instead, cut each saffron leaf into two or three pieces of about same diameter. You could also cut it in two pieces, about a half an inch apart, and plant each piece on a sheet of dry grass or a piece of cardboard. If you do that, it will grow a thick root system. Some people have also successfully done this with stems. You do have to be very careful about putting the saffron in the open, the seeds will fall and the saffron will be damaged or killed. Instead, keep it inside the cupboard under the bed.

How do you harvest saffron?

To harvest saffron, put your saffron seed in a pot, cover it, and let it grow. You won’t have to cut it when the