What is the best climate to grow saffron?

Saffron is a plant in the family of plants known as Rubiaceae, and it is an important food source for a wide range of animals including birds, animals, reptiles, worms, ants, termites, fungi and insects.

Many species of saffron grow best in dry, cold climates, where it is cold for most of the year and the light is not strong enough to stimulate growth. This explains why saffron plants grow best under a sunny or misty sky.
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Many varieties of saffron require regular re-watering because of lack of moisture. This is why many saffron growers water saffron in late spring or earlier summer.

The optimum environment for growth of saffron depends on several factors. These include the temperature, the availability of moisture and the amount of UV-B rays which make saffron attractive to algae.

Saffron needs a strong UV-B light source that is both bright and strong in order to stimulate the growth of growth and tissue of the saffron plant but also ensure adequate quality of light for the quality of the final product – the finished saffron.

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