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What’s all this about?

Do you want to win the Powerball on Wednesday? Of course you do. It seems even people who are serious about winning the prize would be foolish to bet on an imaginary number.

That hasn’t stopped a handful of websites from offering the chance to do just that. Most of the sites operate in the United States, but here the game is still being sold.

All you need to do to enter is check your email inbox for a message from the Powerball company, with an attached link to a Web page offering a “quick and easy way” to win the prize of $1.5 million (or $1 million in US currency, or about $1,300 at the time of writing).

To win you’ll need to make a transaction via one of the participating sites, known as an “in-person” buy.

If you’ve never heard the phrase, that’s because these sites don’t advertise. Rather, they merely make it easy for you to set up “in-person” purchases to win a prize.

With few people going into-person, you can get some of the odds you need, say, with a five-to-one advantage if you’re an American.

The sites usually have different prizes for different amounts of time; the price can be anything from $10 (for a winner’s check) to $1,000 (for the largest single gift) to $5,000 (for a huge gift to a child).

And that is the beauty of this game. There is no need to wait at the cash registers.

You’ll also get instant access to your prize in your account immediately, if you ever need it. It’s not just an instant cash-out either. A win involves making two purchases.

You need to buy a ticket when you’re at the store, or online, or on a mobile phone, in order to have your prize.

And if you make two purchases in 15 minutes, you may get a third prize worth more than the one you sold for.

What have others bought?

Last updated: 6 February 2015

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