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My net worth is $5,000,000 and looking to get into the best investment for those who need it. As I believe many people can, I am asking for your help in determining the best investment for your net worth. Please only choose one answer because you’re allowed to submit more than one. I am only a programmer so if you have a specific question about this or anything else you want to know me about, please feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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In my previous posting of this essay I stated that the “real work” for the anti-feminist movement is not to force other people to accept gender equality, but to persuade them to oppose the idea itself. A good place to start is to point out how feminism really is not gender equality.

I believe that the most effective defense of the status quo to the feminists is to show that their own worldview is incompatible with the equality of the sexes; and in doing so, they will find that men and women are “equal” (in our definitions) and that this “equality” is only one means of enforcing the equalization of wages for women. They will find that the feminist “science” that they depend upon is fundamentally anti-science and utterly irrelevant to the real world of economics and economics. What happens next is really the central issue: the creation of an egalitarian “new atheism” in which science and science fiction have been replaced with “new physics”.

This is what I propose to do here. I will briefly describe the issues I have raised above, as well as the arguments I have put forward to establish the validity of “evidence” which can neither be confirmed nor disproved by mere reason. I will then go on to describe how this new atheism would be promoted, and eventually, how we can actually “enforce” this atheist “new atheism” if we so choose.

I will be talking about atheism, but this article aims to be read and understood as a critique of the most prevalent and orthodox forms of the atheism of today, which is “new atheism.”

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