How can I become an intraday trader? – Best Indicators For Swing Trading Forex

The intraday trading market is a new market concept that has been created in the United States for a very specific purpose, which we call microcap trading. It is a very popular type of trading in the United States and has been a real breakout for us since we launched our exchange. So, this gives us a lot of room to build our ecosystem with new products, which we will discuss much more in the future.

How do I get on?

So, how can you get on? We have a free introductory trading account available if you want to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that just opened a bit ago. Simply create an account here and then sign in to our account management system.

What will happen when the market goes live?

We expect that this market will launch in the middle of December 2017. The intraday trading market will be live for about six weeks before the final open date and we expect that the trading volume of intraday trading will be quite small at first. After that we expect that you will see an enormous increase in trading volume as traders become familiar with our new trading features.

Why do you need the free account?

Our intraday trading market will give users unparalleled opportunity to profit from trading. The intraday trading market has been designed in a way to give traders the opportunity to profit from high volume, fast-moving market, so that they can profit from the highest price possible without being discouraged of investing their time to get the best price possible.

What about the minimum order size for intraday trading?

All you need to do in order to trade an intraday trade is to submit an order, which means that you have to fill it on our open orders page. It will take 10 minutes to fill it and the price that you pay for it at the open order site will be the price that you can get at in our internal pricing process. On the open orders page you can see the minimum order size that you need to pay.

What happens if the market goes down?

We will be monitoring the intraday trading market daily because if there are too many orders placed with a negative effect on the trading performance, they will be disabled and we will try to re-enable them as soon as possible. In this situation you need to have full confidence in our market structure and price discovery process; we need a high level of faith in the performance of the intraday market order system.

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