How much does IBD Leaderboard cost?

Once IBD Leaderboard is sold out we will refund you a purchase of this product as a partial refund for the purchase price.

How do I redeem my IBD Leaderboard for cash on an eGiftcard?

After you pay for this product you will receive a link for a redemption form for any eGiftcard that you own. Once you enter the link in the eGiftcard payment field, this will display your IBD Leaderboards in your account. There is a limit of 2 daily entries per person and IBI is an e-giftcard holder.

Can I use IBD Leaderboard to pay for goods on eGiftcards?

Yes, however, there will be no refunds issued if the order fails payment. You will have access to your orders on your account until you pay the total amount for the item(s) you want.

IBD Leaderboard is only for American residents. I am a resident of other countries?

The service is only available for American residents.

What’s the difference between being a Member and Admins?

We reserve the right to change the Membership and Admin Fees according to membership levels to facilitate our users when they are not able to create accounts for reasons beyond our control.

What happens to my money once I’ve paid for the Leaderboard?

If you already had your account linked to an eGiftcard, you will still be able to view this Leaderboard on your eGiftcard. Otherwise your money is available as an eGiftcode for future purchases in the future. If you’ve never purchased anything on our platform, then your funds won’t be available for purchase (eg. giftcards).

Why isn’t my order complete when I log in to my account?

Some orders are lost or undelivered. If so, please contact support and it’ll be fixed as soon as possible.

I just bought an item but the shipping company seems to charge me twice before the order gets shipped. What’s going on?

For this case we will send you a notification through the checkout process. You will not be automatically charged extra shipping fees.

What if I want to transfer my existing IBD Leaderboard to another Member?

You can transfer your existing IBD Leaderboard using the “Sync all My Achievements” feature when logged into my Account on the platform. Alternatively, you can use your email to send us a request