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If it’s the type that earns interest on the loans on the books, then that’s the type of trader that makes good money. In that case, the traders must be willing to put up their own investment as collateral. But for all trading, the trader should be willing to use a margin account, and only then should you be willing to buy the debt for that trader, and use your margin. If this is not the case, then this is a great way to “run your feet ahead” – because the margin account is likely to close down before you get your returns.

Is it worth it to get back in on the “fribergator” game?

Yes, but a little more. You must have confidence that you can make a good income or pay back your loans. It is important that you will stick around and do well. But be careful. Remember that you won’t make all your money back in just a few trades. There will be periods when the stocks don’t trade well, or when there are some bad months in the markets. Just do your best to continue making great money over the next couple of years while keeping an eye on the prices of the stocks. And when the stocks are making an upward trend, you can keep an eye on how the stocks of other industries are performing at the same time, and do more trades to try to win a higher payout while getting your money back quicker.
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Is it worth it to be a financial advisor…

Although there’s still a lot of risk involved, most people think that it is worth it to go to an advisor. Many advisors are very competent – the advice is good and the returns are very good. But it can cost you up to 50% of your capital on a typical advice. This may not sound like much, but it still adds up quickly. There are many other advisors that help brokers and companies make trades, make investment recommendations, give advice on financial problems, etc. You should be looking out for how the advisor makes money, or not make money.

Is it worth it to become an employee of an advisor?

This is one of the most common things that happens on Wall Street, and it’s more difficult for people to see. It’s easy to give your money to financial advisors who do a good job recommending stocks, and help you with the advice itself. But it’s quite different when you take a job with an advisor. The advice is almost exclusively designed to make you more profitable

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