How do you not lose in roulette? – Free Online Roulette Practice Play Definition

I was fortunate enough in this sport to not lose. What a shame.

The worst thing you’ve ever won?

I never had to pay any money – we won about $2,500.

Best result you’ve ever had?

I did good on four cards in a row in a game. In the early days we had to draw five cards; in our system that was a $2,500 prize.

Most memorable incident?

I got a $2,000 jackpot in a casino in Las Vegas. When I first came back here I took the other side of the money – about $50,000. The card is a four. And they said, “What are you doing with this money?” So I said I’m going to give it away or give it to the kids on my staff. They gave it to my staff.

How can you tell if someone is a good poker player?

They’ve played for years. They play the system. They try to win by any means necessary.

How much do you win?

I don’t ever get into the hundreds. I’m not a guy who would risk the money over and over again. The odds are you’re going to lose. The guys who do the best – they can go out. There are so many talented pros that I don’t want to risk my game because they’re going to lose money.

What do you say to some people who say your game is fixed?

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I tell them there’s no way I’m going to cheat. If people are going to win a million, they should want to win a million. They’re doing it for the money! The way that they do it is to put together combinations that are going to make them money.

What about the players who say you don’t play fair?

There are some great players out there. We’ve had some great players who were cheating in Vegas – those are the ones I worry about, too.

What do you do to ensure the integrity of your games?

I’ll ask the top three kids on staff who are responsible for the card system what cards are in play. What’s the odds? Then I’ve got a guy from the system that knows how many cards are in play. I’ve got a person in the program who knows if you have all three. So we have someone checking every hand on the play. At the end of the night

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