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A revolver’s chambers are usually divided up into two groups: chambers for powder and chambers for priming.

The primer chambers are generally referred to as primers or primers.

It is generally agreed that a 12-round revolver in 9mm will hold about 100 rounds of powder (primers), whereas a .45 ACP revolver in .38 Special will hold about 40 rounds of primers.

In some cases, it is assumed that the revolver also holds 100 rounds of bullet ammunition from bullet chutes and/or loading devices. However, that is not always the case (for example, some revolvers may have one magazine, some another, or many magazines with the same capacity, and there are certain calibers where it may be impractical).

The chambering of each cartridge that a .32 ACP load contains varies by cartridge, cartridge chamber, and gun. For this reason, ammunition should always be loaded in advance and ready for firing.

For details on the amount of powder and rounds in a cartridge, including the type, capacity, and load date, see the Load and Loader Table. For details on what the capacity of each chamber means, see the Maximum Capacity Chart.

What type of gun is most likely to hold the most powder?

It is generally assumed that the cylinder of a revolver operates like a cartridge or a drum on a percussion primer (though several different types of firearms may use the same cylinder), with the cylinder holding a large part of the powder. However, this may not be accurate since a revolver barrel does not usually hold the same amount of propellant as a cartridge does.

In the case of a cylinder loaded with 12 gauge ammunition, for example, the “capacity” of the cylinder is generally stated in milligrams of powder per pound of propellant. For this reason, a revolver whose cylinders are of 14/16-inch diameter and hold 600 grains of “typical” .38 Special primer will only hold about 3,000 grains of powder on that one cylinder. The correct capacity depends on the type of gun (in general, the less the gun’s rim diameter, the smaller the propellant capacity).

Another important reason to hold primers in a revolver is that with the right loads, loading them by hand makes a huge difference to the amount of force needed to push the priming charge into the bullet or “shoe.” While many common loads won’t change the barrel’s pressure in the chamber (which will

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