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– How will I make any money?

I have always wanted to learn woodworking. I found that I didn’t find the work interesting enough to invest in it. And, most of the woodworking books I was reading seemed to only teach the techniques for buying and making plywood and some other exotic woods. I wanted something that I could actually use to make stuff and that was a lot more practical. What is the easiest way to learn wood working? – Learn from someone who does it and how hard they have gone to learn their craft.

Many of the woodworking books I have read do little to help you learn what you will actually need to make something – the book is written in a rather abstract style that would take a skilled craftsman ages to learn. But, there are a few resources online that can teach you how hard you need to go to learn to make something and how accurate they are.

The first resource I recommend would be to go to one of the many website forums you use everyday. I would recommend that you start by going to the woodworking forum on Woodcrafty. This is a great new resource to learn more about how to really study and make things. It is also the only source of woodworking information I have found that will even mention how much wood you should buy.

At Woodcrafty, you can make a very interesting project to get your hands dirty and get started on the woodworking path. They also have a section on making your own tools and a section on how to build your own tools for the woodworking journey you have set your heart on.

The second resource I like would be to go to the forums of the site I’m currently on in Woodworking Forums. This is the woodworking forums for the website woodcraftdave. This is the place to find out how to learn how to make things and how to improve your skills. You can ask and answer many questions about woodworking and other woodworking related things and you can even make your own tools.

When you are ready, go and learn with us.

I look forward to hearing about your hard work and projects. I hope you can get your hands dirty with a project in your life today. Thank you for reading this.

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