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We use the most expensive furniture made in the USA! If you want to buy a real bargain, please visit our online store and see our sales section for great deals on furniture made in Taiwan, Japan, China, USA and other countries. As you can see, we are offering free shipping worldwide on all furniture orders when paid in USD, Euros or CND. Please note that some countries may have restrictions for shipping on certain items. To find out if your country is included in this free shipping program please click here. Thanks!

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How do I make a new listing? Please contact us if you need help, or to see whether we have what you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I make a listing under another brand? We don’t do that.

Do you ship internationally for international customers? We can ship to most countries that accept American Express and American Express Travelers Checks. Unfortunately some items may be refused and you may need to purchase extra insurance for safe shipment! International freight charges vary and we cannot predict exactly what these costs will be. If you wish to contact us directly for any reason, please send a message with your order number via the contact form you are logged into.

Please note that insurance premium for any shipment to Russia, Ukraine and China is not included in order shipping charges and the freight charges do not include shipping insurance. If you are thinking of making a shipment to these countries, please contact us directly. We will update your shipping page as soon as we have more information regarding the import restrictions from these countries.

This is the final edition here of the “Wizard’s Guide to the Universe” series. The first edition in May 2011 was published for the DragonCon International Conventions and was the first for D&D 5e.

Note: This is NOT a hardback – it is meant to be read from left to right, but there is no need to flip pages – you can stop whenever you are finished.

The “Guide to the Universe” is the fourth installment of my “Ultimate Guide to D&D 5e” and was published for the 2010 Dungeons & Dragons Conventions, and was designed for an audience that hadn’t played D&D before. Here, I provide a good summary

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