How much space do I need for a woodworking shop? – How To Start A Home Woodworking Business Youtube Channel

For a complete list of rules we have prepared on how to construct a workshop, please refer to the Woodworking Workshop Rules Guide

Is this shop possible to use as a home office?

Woodworking is not something that can be easily incorporated into your home.

We recommend that you build a space that will be your home office, and not the only home office possible. With that said, the space you will need depends on your work, and whether or not you have space available within the home.

If you are considering building a workspace, you should consider whether this is the space that is available at your present income level, and whether or not you are able to afford it.

For example, if you have just moved to your new home and need to convert all of your other living space, you will probably want to purchase an existing workspace within minutes of settling in.

If you are contemplating building a workshop, you should consider if and how you can best combine your home and work spaces.

Depending on how many jobs you will undertake at your home, you’ll need to consider the following:

Where is your home office going to be placed?

Do you have enough space to place your workbench?

How much space does something need to be for?

Is there enough space within your home for the furniture you are planning on making at your workbench?

Will there be additional storage for all of your tools?

What about utilities, water, electricity and gas?

How often will you need to use your space?

All of these considerations will make it more difficult for you to get your house work out of your home.

Where do I fit my table/chair into?

Will it work with the size of my workshop?

The same considerations apply. It may be more cost effective to purchase a new workspace with a larger area, than to purchase a new workshop with a smaller area.

How do I decide exactly which workspace should be used as my home workspace?

To determine which workspace you should construct, it is generally a good idea to consult with a local woodworker or wood framing contractor.

There are many factors which you should consider when determining what workspace is best for you.

Are you able to afford a new workshop?

If so, it is very important that you seek the advice and help of a local contractor or your local woodworking class.

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